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Yonkers Terms of Service Agreement

Eligibility: A person named on the property deed of the County Clerk’s office as the homeowner; or the homeowner’s authorized agent; or a person contracted to purchase a home; or an estate trustee of a deceased homeowner, is eligible under legal statutes to receive a reduction in assessment and receive a refund. Only persons who fit within these criteria(s) may enter into this agreement. 

Services: By signing this agreement I am authorizing The Property Tax Solution of New York, LLC (TPTS) to prepare and file a property tax grievance for my property with the Board of Assessment Review (BAR) and represent me at any Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) appeal proceedings. I understand that this also includes the preparation, filing, and physical appearances on my behalf at the Supreme Court hearing with the judge, court-appointed hearing officer, and appointed representative of the challenged assessment office. I agree TPTS has not made any representations concerning the outcome of my case.  I understand that I can cancel my application within 7 days of submission in writing to TPTS.

Selling Your Home: Selling my property will not nullify this contract, and I remain responsible for any incurred fees to TPTS for their services unless I have the buyer of my property assume responsibility of the grievance in writing with TPTS. I understand that I must inform TPTS before the sale of my property to attain the proper documentation needed for the transfer of this contract to the buyer. 

Fees: I agree to pay nothing unless my property taxes are reduced. Upon a successful grievance, in exchange for services provided by TPTS, I agree to pay a fee of 40% (forty percent) of my savings for the tax year being challenged only. If TPTS deems it necessary, I authorize TPTS to file a Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR Appeal) with the NYS Supreme Court and agree to reimburse TPTS the court imposed thirty one dollar and ninety cent filing fee of such appeal. TPTS will prepare a “desktop property appraisal” for a seventy five dollar fee. I understand that I have the opportunity to supply a recent (within one year) and pertinent certified appraisal to TPTS to waive the seventy five dollar fee. I agree to remit payment of my services to TPTS within thirty days of my invoice to preserve my contingency fee of 40%. After 30 days, overdue balances are subject to a fifty dollar late fee and the loss of forty percent rate will increase to the full rate of seventy five percent. Overdue balances over ninety days are subject to reasonable attorney/collection fees of twenty percent plus 1.5% interest per month. In the event of a duplicate filing, if a reduction results from the efforts of another company, I agree to pay TPTS in full. I hereby designate The Property Tax Solution of New York, LLC, 119 Mount Vernon Ave, Suite 2041, Mount Vernon, NY 10550, Phone (888)-898-7130 as my sole agent to act as my representative in any and all proceedings before the Board of Assessment Review (BAR) for the current tax year and or the Small Claims Assessment Review of the city/town/ village/county of the City of Yonkers.