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Yonkers City Deadline to file is: November 15, 2022


Helping Homeowners Lower Their Tax Burden in Yonkers City

If you own a home in Yonkers City, you’re tasked with paying property taxes annually. The taxes you pay depend on your property’s value, meaning they can change yearly. If your property’s value drop, you’ll pay less in property taxes and higher if your property’s value increases.

The value of a home is determined by the assessment of the property. Example – If an assessment is 4000 points and the RAR (residential Assessment Ratio set by assessment office) is 0.0067, then the value of a home is $597,015. The RAR changes year to year, which changes what the County or Town feels your property is worth. The value of the home doesn’t dictate the taxes. The Assessment number does. The Assessment points are multiplied by the tax rate which determines how much a person will pay yearly.

A property task assessment determines the amount of taxes you should pay for the upcoming year. The assessment identifies the fair market value for your home. If you feel you’re being overtaxed or your home’s value is lower than the assessed value (or your home is over assessed) , filing a tax grievance is the safest bet. While you can handle the tax grievance by yourself, it’s highly advisable to enlist the services of a tax grievance consultant. In Yonkers City, NY, you can count on The Property Tax Solution of New York, LLC for professional assistance with your tax grievance. Please read on to learn more about us.

Our Tax Grievance Services in Yonkers City, NY

The tax grievance process is quite complicated, and without the required knowledge, you might not be able to have another assessment performed on your home (you might not succeed in lowering the assessment. You can always try for a reassessment.) . It can also lead to an unfair tax burden for you. Luckily, our highly qualified team is committed to reducing and maintaining a fair assessment of your property. We walk the extra mile to ensure you do not overpay your property taxes; instead, save your bucks. We do this through:

Tax Grievance in Yonkers City

Full Service Tax Grievance

Suppose you feel that you are overpaying your property tax or that your home’s value is not accurately assessed. In that case, you can have our experts collect the necessary information to determine if you should file a tax grievance. In this case, if your property is over-assessed or the taxes are higher than they should be, we start the tax reduction process.

We start the process by first researching your property’s market value. We identify different conditions that give you the grounds for filing a complaint about the assessment. We make a claim for an unequal assessment, meaning that your home’s market value was overpriced compared to other similar properties in your area.

Our experts then fill out your property grievance form. We will involve you in every section to ensure we give accurate information. We will identify the grounds for your complaint and certify that the information on the form is correct to your best knowledge. Finally, we help you write a letter to support your claim. (Finally, we gather all the supporting documents and evidence for your claim. No letters are required) In this case, we ensure that the letter sets out your case in clear and concise terms

ProSe Tax Grievance Consultations

Are you confused about handling the tax grievance process by yourself? Do not panic, as our team has you covered. We will use our extensive experience and knowledge to assist you in the tax grievance process so you can file yourself. Our professional assistance includes gathering your evidence and accurately completing the grievance forms. We require you to schedule two separate appointments with us so that we can have enough time for accurate filing of the application and court documentation.

Importance of Enlisting Our Tax Grievance Services

It is possible to file a tax grievance by yourself, but without professional assistance, you might make costly mistakes in the long run. That’s why we encourage you to engage our experts who have years of experience in the tax grievance process of Yonkers City and let them guide you throughout the process. Here are the benefits you can reap from working with our tax grievance professionals.

Saving Time

Tax grievances require proper research, filling out a maze of paperwork, gather supporting documents and evidence) and preparing/attending the hearing. It might not be difficult, but it takes a lot of effort and time. If you have other things to think about, you might not be able to cope with this process. Luckily, our team can handle everything for you. We know everything required in the tax grievance process in Yonkers City and can get the process done within the shortest time possible.

No-Risk Involved

You might be reluctant about hiring a tax grievance consultant for fear of the costs involved. However, this should be your least worries when working with The Property Tax Solution of New York, LLC. We only charge a flat fee for consultation. We will then help you with the process, and unless you are successful, it will cost you nothing. If you are successful, you will only pay us a small amount of the first years’ worth of savings. That means you will benefit from reduced property assessments for several years to come.

Extensive Experience in Yonkers City

Extensive experience is one of the things that set us apart from the rest. We have over two decades of experience in the home valuation and over a decade in property tax grievances. That means we understand the ins and outs of the Yonkers City process. We will guide you through each step while helping you avoid mistakes that could compromise the success of your claim. We also ensure you are more knowledgeable about your property assessment and tax bill.

We are also accustomed to the grievance day hearing. Therefore, we can represent you if you are not at ease with open hearings. We will speak and handle everything on your behalf so you can have a hassle-free experience.

We Can Handle Your Appeal

Retaining our experienced tax grievance team will be a safe bet if you do not win. We have everything it takes to handle the appeals that you might consider. We are well-versed with your grievance’s facts and will be best positioned to represent you before the board.

We Give Personalized Attention

Unlike other tax grievance companies that might treat you just like a number, we give you noble treatment. This is by giving you individual attention and ensuring that no details fall through the cracks. We will be there to answer your questions and address your concerns in the best way possible.

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