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 Our Long Island tax grievance assistance team will assist you in the stages of the filing process so you can file on your own.

Tax Grievance Consultations

Unfair property taxes can put a serious strain on homeowners. If you think the government overvalued your property on Long Island, you can get help from the experts at The Property Tax Solution. We’ll walk you through the process of filing a tax grievance and ensure you have the best possible chance of winning your case.

Here’s a rundown of our tax grievance consultation process, so you’ll know what to expect when you book your appointment with us.

1. Assessing Your Property

The first step in putting your claim together is getting a second opinion as to your real estate’s value. 

We can help you get a fair assessment at no cost to you. You won’t have to pay for our services if this second assessment yields the same value as the first. 

2. Researching Your Claim

Our team will exhaustively research every aspect of your claim. 

We’ll start by comparing your property’s estimated value to similar properties in the area. If your assessment is much higher than your neighbors’ assessments, we’ll help you progress with your case.

You’ll need to submit two documents to the BAR in order to process your grievance. One of these is a Complaint on Real Property Assessment, designated as RP-524. The other necessary document is a letter of support that details your reasons for filing the complaint and the amount of money you want to be refunded.

During the research stage, we’ll help you assemble additional documents that may help you win your grievance case. Examples of possible supporting documents include official appraisals; a licensed real estate agent’s analysis of the local housing market; and public records relevant to your neighborhood. 

3. Preparing for Your Hearing

Finally, we’ll help you get ready for the day of your hearing, commonly referred to as Grievance Day. On the appointed day, the BAR will review your petition and decide whether to award the tax relief you’ve requested.

While you don’t necessarily have to be physically present at your hearing, it’s important to ensure you file your complaint and all the required and secondary documents before the deadline. We’ll be on hand to make sure you file in time.

It’s worth noting that many property tax grievances, if not most, are dismissed in their initial BAR hearings. If this happens to you, don’t worry; Property Tax Solution of New York, LLC can help you navigate the appeal process. Appealed cases are sent to the Supreme Court or a Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR).

While you can file a tax grievance at the BAR or local level every year, you will only be permitted to win your case at the SCAR level once every other year.

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If your property has been assessed above its value, Property Tax Solution of New York, LLC is here to help. We have over 20 years of experience handling tax grievance consultations in Long Island, and we’ll do everything we can to bolster your case. Contact us today!

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Pro Se consultation appointments with our tax grievance assistance team on Long Island will help you in filing on your own. Included are 2 separate appointments and a walk through of how to complete your filing application and court documentation.

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