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You should grieve your taxes every time you are eligible to do so. Nassau County residents are able to grieve every year to get control of a level and fair assessment.


They allow you to have a successful reduction every two (2) years. If denied a reduction, you can file for another attempt every year. Our property tax grievance service on Long Island can assist you with these filings.

Pro Se is filing a property tax grievance on your own, which can be difficult and confusing. You will need to provide supporting evidence and defend your grievance case before a Judge or Hearing Officer. If it is something that you feel comfortable with, this route is an option.

Our property tax grievance consultants on Long Island will provide Pro Se assistance to our clients, giving you the knowledge to get the largest reduction.


With the full service grievance option, the fee is 40% of the first (1st) year’s savings. There is an additional $31.00 court filing fee for the Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) proceeding and a $75.00 fee for a property valuation report presented to the Court.

Our Pro Se consultation service has a flat fee of $200.00. This includes two 30 minute appointments scheduled before each filing stage. The first is prior to the BAR or ARC to assist with your application. The second is prior to the SCAR filing to assist with your application and required evidence.

NO!! Your taxes or assessment will not increase as a result of grieving your property taxes. New York State Property Tax Laws protect homeowners from this. You cannot be penalized for challenging your property assessment with any County, Village, Township or City.

There are only 2 results from a grievance:


NO!! Inspections are not required by the Town, Village, City, Building Department or Assessment Offices. Some offices may ask you to complete a property questionnaire but it is not mandatory and will not hinder your grievance case.

Our office also does not require any inspection of your property. We may need to contact you for some information regarding your home and also want to know about any issues you have with the property. These things could be very beneficial in arguing your case.

Your Assessment is a number that the Assessor uses to determine how much your home is worth and yearly tax amount. The Assessment is divided by their Residential Assessment Ratio (RAR) to value your home. The Assessment is multiplied by your tax rate resulting in how much you pay in property taxes each year.


Unfortunately, no. There are years when a reduction will not be granted. As disappointing as that would be, just know that you can try to file again. With each successful grievance, the assessment is cut more and more.

We recommend filing every chance you get.

NO! Reducing your taxes has no effect on any exemptions you currently have or are looking to apply for in the future.

Each Village, County, Town, City, or Municipality have different deadline dates. Filing happens only once a year. Grievances have to be filed before the deadline or you will have to wait for the next filing year.

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